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Difference between NULL and Undefined

In JavaScript, Null means, there is nothing exist. Like space. No data type of NULL exist also. But, for undefined, it is not completely nothing. That means, it is declared but yet it is not defined. So, an undefined variable has a data type like integer, float, string, function or…

Is React.js framework or library ? What do you think?
React.js is actually a JavaScript library. And can also add more library if needed.

React tree reconciliation

We know that react is faster than other library or framework. But how? Because, react uses reconciliation tree and it doesn’t change full pages or load…

JavaScript Expression
In JavaScript, expression is any valid piece of code that can generate value (like numeric, string, bool etc.)
According to MDN, there are different types of JavaScript expression. They are : a) Arithmetic b)String c)Logical d)Primary e)Left-hand-side

few examples of expressions in JavaScript

JavaScript Objects
JavaScript object is one kind of data types in JavaScript…

Ever heard about programming language? Maybe yes.
What do you know about programming language? Is it only build with ‘0’ and ‘1’ ?

Actually yes ! Programming language is build with ‘0’ and ‘1’. Then,
=> Why this programming language looks like human language? …


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